Monday, April 22, 2013

Chicago Responds to the New York Times & their transplant, Rachel Shteir

It's a periodic tradition for the New York Times to print something completely out of touch about Chicago, Detroit or the Midwest in general. Last year it was a travel piece written by a dim-witted bimbo. This year it was Rachel Shteir's turn. Shteir established her credibility on all maters related to Chicago by declaring in 2010 that Rahm Emanuel would never be mayor because the city wouldn't elect a Jew... yeah.

In the Sunday Book Review Stheir prefaced her limited comments on the three books she supposedly read by bashing Chicago with the great enthusiasm. As you can imagine, Chicago's local media has not taken kindly. Shteir claims to have lived here for 13 years but displays a level of insight about our City that I would expect from someone who's only seen Chicago through a layover at O'hare. Perhaps she spends her weekends in New York.

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