Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Frank Lloyd Wright (Architizer)

"Someone at Google dropped the ball. Today marks what would have been Frank Lloyd Wright’s 145th birthday, and there’s no honorific doodle to commemorate the event, no cutesy homage to Fallingwater, no “lilypad” columns from the Johnson Wax Headquarters (perfect for the ‘oo’ in ‘google’!) or even a stained glass facsimile. Mies van der Rohe got his due this past March, with the search engine posting a Sketch-up-like drawing of Crown Hall on its homepage, prompting an outpouring of halfhearted tributes to the “architect of the future”. Wright, generally considered to be America’s greatest architect, deserves some love, too. In an attempt to right the slight, we’re listing our top 5 Frank Lloyd Wright posts we've covered."

It's a bit of a cliche, but - having grown up in Oak Park, Wright is the reason I became an architect. Wright, Sullivan and the Chicago School were the only uniquely American Architects until the L.A. postmodernists (Ghery and Thom Mayne mostly).

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